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German producer of the best and finest High-End connectors, accessories and plugs using only the purest and cleanest metals presented in connector pin.




Unhindered signal transfer through mass optimisation

• Around 90% reduction in metal mass, so no mass storage effects. This improves the audio spatiality considerably.


Purer signal transfer

• Losses as a result of eddy currents are practically eliminated thanks to the

new geometry. So the signal is clearer, like it has been removed of any extra baggage.


Stronger foundations

• Through pure, soft copper (optionally also fine silver), the internal resistance of the contact materials is optimised significantly. It gives to the sound much more substance.

Real, standard-compliant RCA connectors with 75 ohms

• nextgen™ RCA connectors consist of connectors and sockets and are future-proof. Thanks to the 75-ohm line impedance, they are also finally able to carry digital signals with a bandwidth of up to 1GHz. For analogue signal transfer the benefits  increase  considerably trough the enormous bandwidth


Contemporary & green

• The modern, hybrid manufacturing process saves 90% of valuable non-ferrous metals (copper and brass) whilst increasing the technical and sound performances at the same time. This makes it unique.


The nextgen™ principle is the first technique which allows pure copper or fine silver to be used as signal conductors without compromising on robustness and the long-term behaviour of the connectors.


Conventional connectors are turned parts, meaning that copper is actually relatively unsuitable as a material as it is too soft. That is why stronger alloys are used in the manufacturing process. The elec­trical conductivity of these alloys is poorer than that of pure copper or fine silver. As the connectors are usually made solely from metal, there is also a danger that mass storage effects and eddy currents occur which affect the signal transfer and therefore represent a further reduction in quality.


The central contact unit of the WBT-0110 nextgen™ RCA connector.


WBT nextgen™ connectors do not have to deal with this problem. They are the only connectors which take the latest findings from the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering into consideration.


Losses resulting from eddy currents and the mass storage effect are eliminated by the reduction of metal and the use of modern materials. The actual signal conductor consists of pure copper or fine silver (no alloys!). Thanks to the nextgen™ composite technology, the mechanical robustness is in no way inferior to that of our globally-established classic series. nextgen™ provides audible and measurable quality and has exhausted the potential of what is technically possible.


Using nextgen™ connectors has clear advantages whatever the application. RCA connectors and sockets have a line impedance of 75 ohms in accordance with the latest standards – the perfect basis for perfect digital signal transfer. With a bandwidth of one gigahertz (conventional connector bandwidth is a mere fraction of this), the models are also state of the art when it comes to analogue signal transfer. Speaker connectors also benefit to a significant extent from the technological progression made possible by nextgen™ technology. In addition, our pole terminals have unique optimised conductor geometry which has been determined over the course of countless testing and measurement processes. For the first time, this allows the highest possible transfer safety in conside­ration of the disruptive influence of structure-borne sound. 


We're  using:


           - RCA Gold, Silver Nextgen connectors                

           - Speaker Bananas  Gold Nextgen speaker connectors                    

           - Speaker Spades  Gold and Silver Nextgen connector

           - Speaker Crimps Copper - Gold


a real improvement in audible way by using this extremly pure connectors can be the surprising fine-tuning of your sound system



* as standard the WBT Crimps in price included