as a reasonable, sane and economic alternative to many times „over-priced“ and „un-available“ High-End cables from well-known brands and distributors.


Our cables follows the best solutions used in HIFI and HIGH-END world, the quality that we offer is the same with the well known notorious brands  or even  better  because of the HAND - MADE customization that allow us to check and monitorize our products in every single detail . You can easily save hundreds of euros for the same and well-known solutions by choosing our cables.

Our philosophy is to offer our clients products with a sane ratio PRICE – QUALITY in the most effective, simple and most understandable way.


For instance we use 4N and 6N copper wires with the highest purity of 99,9999%, well-known as UP-OFC, copper with the Highest Thermal Conductivity and lower resistance than silver known as OFHC and High Purity silver

As dielectric materials we use PTFE, cotton, conductive PVC

Every of our cables are shielded / screened or use special wire geometry to prevent, eliminate or even filter any kind of distorsion and hum that entry in the sound system as RFI, EMI or 50Hz main hum as usually happens by using of NON-shielded cables.


For more please go to – Technical Dictionary to  „Cable shielding“ and  „Cable filtering“.

Our purpose is to offer you cables that we find as most effective by  years of testing, searching, completing and customizing without any need to disproportionately over-price our work on it. Years of experience „hand in hand“ with


                                                                                               PRICE – QUALITY – SOUND IMPROVEMENT

We will not offer our products for the lowest price just because of the market competition and we will not go on the same level with the producers who sells just nice packages, nothing more...that's NOT OUR WAY.

Quality connectors, good materials and hand-made customization deserve more than that.

We use our experience of knowing material technology and physics, dielectric characteristic and precision work to finalize a product that is not a blind shot but a real improvement. 

Our cables can be customized in every DESIRED lengthbut standards are:

  • RCA / XLR interconnect - 2x 0,75m

  • power cable - 1,5m

  • speaker cable - 2x 2,5m

  • digital cable – 0,75m

For assembling process we use just high-quality materials like  4% silver-tin by WBT

No machine assembling, no pointless soldering,,,,,everything HAND-MADE.

All our final customization  is HAND-MADE commissioned work, everything is agreed before, which means every customer have the possibility to personalize the product  the way he wants in the ordering process (online store - using various types of connectors (from standard to High-End like WBT or Furutech), jacket design and length) or by email/telephone . 

Outside of „standard“ connectors we offer just those products that truly have REAL possitive effect on sound, mainly because of using „better“ and „cleaner“ metals. Using better connectors you can improve the sound max 5 %,  so NO miracles as you can read on internet sites, but in the world of HIGH-END also this matters.

Delivery time always depends on accessibility of fractional material, number of orders, quantity and other special requirements. Mostly from 7 to 21 working days.

To underline our seriousity we also offer you an unique feature, an alternative at buying our products,  " WE LEND YOU OUR CABLES". If you want to know more  about this new service  please check  the " UNIQUE FEATURE" button at top of the page.  

For more information  feel free to Contact us.



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