>>>>>>  Desire CLEAN 

„best cleaner for headphone hum and  pc noise...“


























* basic cable is customized with main Neutrik Gold connectors in black jacket

* can be assembled with 3,5 or 6,3 jack male/female connectors also jack to RCA

* for more special and exceptional assembling access - Connectors and Jackets                                        

* for any other length or various requests access - Contact 

   Sound characteristic   


clean and transparent expression


strong and extensive bass response


add some extra wide sound resolution


great filtration effect


the right solution for PC soundcards, PC speakers, headphones and other multimedia analog connections


best performing also as headphones wire extension at any lenght




-   22 AWG 6N UP OFC wire strands

-   two separate shielded conductors 

-   bare OFC braid shields

-   2 x thin aluminium foil shield (Desire Clean+ version)

-   PTFE insulation

-   PVC outer cable jacket