We are a group of music passionates  and science enthusiasists who likes to create music and improve the quality of the sound. With our products we try to help you make the listening of the music more enjoyable without wasting thousands of euros or dollars for solutions that are clear and simple.


We are NOT a notorious brand or a big manufactory company, we also do not act like them.

We don't create miracles, melt any metal or produce tons of cables.

Everything was already invented and we took the best and most affordable solutions that really helps to improve the sound quality.


Everybody from us has his regular job and is a passionate music lover. For optimizing  your service we use our pluriannual experience in jobs like electrical engineer, sound technician and  material technologist, experience in branches like acoustics and engineering.


We ask for understanding to longer delivery time but we compensate  by offering you  a great volume of knowlege, and seriosity reflected in our profesional customised HAND-MADE products as a true  alternative to well-known high end products which according to reactions of friends and customers  fulfilled their expectations.


We had create also an audiophile line of  high-end cables Supreme / Divine for top applications and stereo set-ups.

Distributon and selling this products is strictly focused on personal contact and agreements with customers.



For more information please Contact us.